PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System

PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System

The PrimeRx™ system is highly user-friendly and offers a complete suite of tools that can be adapted to meet your pharmacy’s specific needs.  Many of these features are unique to PrimeRx and are unmatched by our competitors.  PrimeRx™ stands apart in the pharmacy software category as an intelligent, comprehensive management solution. PrimeRx, pharmacy management system is a valuable pharmacy software for independent, retail pharmacies, multiple pharmacy store ownership, and outpatient hospital pharmacies with custom workflows and a complete automated fill, bill, and communication process.

PrimeRx™ pharmacy software is our signature technology solution for today’s efficient, patient-focused businesses.  PrimeRx™ will quickly become the backbone of your pharmacy and serve as the centralized processing center for all workflow processes. PrimeRx enhances pharmacies overall productivity with tools to simplify workflow, patient and provider intake, process claims, label and dispensing, and managing inventory.  PrimeRx is a total pharmacy dispensing solution. 

PrimeRx™ benefits are prescription efficiency with reducing dispensing errors, integrated patient management to help identify medication synchronization candidates, patient medication adherence reports to improve CMS Five Star ratings, and insurance management to increase revenue and profitability.

PrimeRx™ Key Feature

Automated Refill Management System

  • Fill electronic prescriptions by reviewing existing patient, prescriber and drug inventory data
  • At a glance” visibility of all refill management processes through a Refill Compliance Dashboard.
  • A dashboard can be customized to include preferred metrics including scheduled refills, missed refills, expired refills, and Med Sync Rx.
  • Automatically queues each day’s scheduled refills
  • RxSync – Sync all refills to a particular date
  • Intelligent ERx action list management to help you process incoming electronic prescriptions efficiently
  • Return to Stock Queue – Prescriptions not picked up by patients will be flagged, with system easily updated to reflect missed pickups, and drugs added back to inventory

Customized Workflow Management and Reports

  • Inventory Management
  • Reconciliation process ensures you will never miss a payment
  • Bin management process facilitates prescription pickup process
  • Seamless management of incoming prescriptions
  • Generate electronic orders with wholesalers based on your customized drug ordering parameters
  • Ability to show cost comparisons between wholesalers
  • Automatically update true cost from EDI files received from a wholesaler(s)
  • Ensure compliance with all state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Automatic backups of all data; Remote server access in case of emergency

Introducing the Patient Status Board

Communicate with your patients while they are waiting for their prescriptions. The patient can see who is next in line to pick up their prescription(s)! 

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Retail Pharmacies

Specialty Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacies

Long Term Care Pharmacies

Closed Door Pharmacies

Mail Order Pharmacies

340B Pharmacies

Hospital – Outpatient Pharmacies

Physician Office Pharmacies

Wholesalers – Cardinal, Amerisource Bergen, HD Smith, Kinray, McKesson etc)

Robotic Vendors – (ScriptPRO, PARATA, Kirby Lester, etc)

IVR Companies – (TeleManager, Voice-Tech, ATEB)

Pouch Packaging Machines (DisPILL, TCGRx, Medicine-on-Time, Automed, etc)

EMR Vendors (Correctek, CampDoc, etc)

Data Vendors (like IMS, Symphony Health /WKH, Armada, etc)

Revenue Generation Vendors (like Carepoints/LDM, Pharmacy First etc)

RxSync – Sync all Refills to one date (facilitate the ABM-Appointment Based Model)

Interface with Mirixa/Outcomes MTM–get MTM opportunities delivered to PrimeRxTM

Refill Compliance

Outbound calling/TXT messages/Emails–Communicate info regarding Refill Alerts, Dose Alerts, Pickup Alerts and Greetings with your Patients

Patient Medication Adherence Reports–Know which Patients contribute to your star ratings and which ones are not compliant with Refill Routines

Calculation of PDC/MPR Values–Calculate the PDC/MPR Values for your Patient individually or by group

FillMyRefills–App/Web-based Patient facing refill routing service

Control File Submission (State permitting)–Submit Control Files on a regular basis on behalf of the pharmacy

Remote Backup Service – Backup your data securely and safely to a cloud server

Prescriber Validation Service – Identify active/inactive prescribers with their class restrictions (if any)

Clinical Pharmacology – Online Reference Guide

Patient Counseling in up to 16 different languages

State and Federal module for Drug database

Pre/ Post-Editing Services

e-Voucher–Patient Assistance Program

Prescription Price Analyzer–Review and compare Cash Price and Market price of your most common products

Certified by Surescripts to handle EPCS (Electronic Processing of Controlled Substances) transactions.

Reporting of Controlled Substances for Various States (state permitting)

Multiple Language Module – which supports Patient Counseling in up to 16 different languages

Pharmacies are challenged in protecting PHI. Log books are fading away, the pharmacy setting still provides many breaks for a PHI breach to occur. To stop a breach from occurring, pharmacies must remain meticulous about certain characteristics of their business workflow that involve protected patient information, especially when receiving prescriptions from physicians, or when transmitting information to insurers.
PrimeRx helps pharmacies to minimize business risk through the use of electronic capture of signatures – preventing sensitive information from being exposed to the public.

PrimeRx allows pharmacies to receive prescriptions securely via our web portal which can then be moved into a folder on your network.
Workflow and productivity are also improved by our PrimeRx tools, as there is no limit to the number of documents that can be sent or received at one time – so physician offices will not accept busy signals when faxing or sending to you.

PrimeRx™ benefits are prescription efficiency with reducing dispensing errors, integrated patient management to help identify medication synchronization candidates, patient medication adherence reports to improve CMS Five Star ratings, and insurance management to increase revenue and profitability. Key modules are:

  • Surescripts® / E-Prescribing Module (EPCS Certified).
  • Nursing Home / LTC Module
  • Compounding Module
  • House Charge Module
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Inventory Module
  • Refill Management Suite
  • MTM
  • Medication Synchronization
  • EDI (Electronic Integration with Wholesalers for True Cost and
  • Inventory Updates)
  • Pill Images
  • Integration with Unit Dose Packaging Companies
  • Integration with Robots
  • Integration with IVR Companies
  • TXT Alerts and much more...


Why is PrimeRx™ So Advanced?
Patient Communication

  • Outbound calling, text/SMS messaging
  • Inbound communication allows patients to respond via prompts
  • Emails to communicate information related to refilling schedules, dosage alerts, and pickup availability
  • Happy Birthday greetings sent via email or text/SMS message

My PrimeRx Owners App

  • YOU determine the information you need, and updates are provided in real-time

Report Generation

  • Customized reports to support pharmacy’s unique needs
  • The daily log provides a comprehensive report of each day’s activities
  • Business analytics
  • Establish key metrics and receive relevant data regarding those metrics
  • Business intelligence reports built into the system - why pay extra to third-party vendors


  • Keep your pharmacy open 24/7 by scheduling many repeating scenarios such as refills, data backups, and email of automated reports
  • Calculate PDC/MPR Values for your patients individually or by group
  • Patient medication adherence reports that contribute to pharmacy star ratings
  • Interface with Mirixa and Outcomes: get MTM opportunities delivered to PrimeRx™
  • Optimize profits by utilizing adherence features

Enhanced Pharmacy Specialty Software 

  • Specialty Rx ID patient management, drug performance dashboard, and custom workflows

Build Patient Loyalty

  • Patient management and refill dashboard, quick refill, and intelligent R.Ph verify