PrimeRxSP™ - PrimeRx for Specialty Pharmacy

PrimeRx™ -- An Essential Solution for Specialty Pharmacy Management

Specialty pharmacy managers need a technology solution suited for their precise needs.  Which is why PrimeRx™ is the obvious choice.

Key Features:

  • Custom workflow
  • Custom report writer 
  • Clinical assessment module
  • Customizable intake queue
  • Prior Authorization management 
  • Prescription batch management functionality
  • Portals for sales reps (through PrimeMD™)
  • Shipping interfaces (through PrimeSHIPPING™)
  • Tokenization of credit card (through PrimePOS™)
  • Dashboards and data access for physicians (through PrimeMD™)

PrimeRx™ Specialty Pharmacy Capabilities

  • Workflow efficiency
    • Easy-to-Use Dashboard allows simple access to required patient or business records
    • Prompted process for capturing patient information
    • Ability to easily update patient information, and include notes and observations
    • Electronic prescription processing
    • Automatic tracking of patient progress and adherence
    • Medication synchronization to boost adherence
    • Insurance Verification
    • At-a-glance access to insurance plan benefits
    • Automatic claims filing
    • Automatic queuing of scheduled refills
    • Extensive report capabilities
    • Capacity to transmit patient records among care team members
    • Automatic inventory management, with ability to “flag” specialty medications that require extra attention to ensure patient demand 
    • Ability to maintain a paper-free environment, thereby minimizing risk of errors.

  • Report Generation
    • Customized real-time reports to meet the patient and business needs unique to today’s specialty pharmacy.  Report capabilities include:
    • Patient progress
    • Patient referrals
    • Specific information requests from payers and manufacturers
    • Claims status 
    • Business-related reports regarding financials and performance.
    • Spotless documentation for any audit inquiries.

  • Data/Analytics
    • Seamlessly collect pertinent data on all aspects of pharmacy operations
    • Identify number of orders that are revised along with reasons
    • Analysis of medication usage and outcomes
    • Respond to all payer/manufacturer inquires
    • Identification of pharmacy revenue streams, including opportunities to eliminate waste
    • Compare average fill times/technician performance
    • Analysis of all claims adjudication outcomes
    • Determine overall businesses efficiency

  • Compliance
    • Seamlessly submits claims using standard NCPDP messaging codes
    • Automatically attaches required 837 to all claims
    • Ensures claim is properly formatted to meet each payor’s precise requirements
    • Ready-access report generation to fulfill all payer/manufacturer requirements, and ensure compliance with all audit inquiries
    • Demonstrate compliance with all accreditation requirements

  • Transmission of Electronic Records/Messages
    • Ability to seamlessly exchange patient information in real time with patient care team providers

PrimeRx™ Specialty Pharmacy Advantages

  • Cost management 
  • Medication adherence 
  • Patient care quality metrics
  • Specialty drug education/awareness
  • Medication administration guidance

Specialty pharmacy management demands the highest levels of record-keeping, patient care and analysis.  Our PrimeRx™ solution automates these processes, meaning pharmacy staff will have more time for critical patient interactions.

Medication Adherence 

The consequences of non-adherence can be significantly exacerbated for specialty medication patients.  PrimeRx™ helps improve adherence with important capabilities that include:

  • E-mail, text and phone reminders when a refill is required
  • 24/7 capability to request refills
  • Two-way messaging which allows a patient to send a note back to the pharmacy, perhaps asking a question about their medication, verifying the refill, or advising that the medication has become problematic.
  • Targeted, Disease/Condition-Specific Messaging.  A specialty pharmacy is able to group patients based on their condition or illness, and generate texts reminding patients about the importance of adherence.
  • Interactive Care Team Engagement whereby a patient’s care team is provided with regular updates regarding a patient’s condition, including adherence-related information.  


Patient Care Quality Metrics
PrimeRx™ captures key performance indicators to measure the efficiency of a patient’s medication regime, as well as a patient’s overall progress.  Should a patient fall below certain pre-determined benchmarks, the care team can be alerted that adjustments to the patient’s care plan may be needed.

Cost Management
PrimeRx™ seamlessly integrates with insurers and other payers.  This allows pharmacy staff to educate patients about their benefits, manage the prior authorization process, and submit claims on their patients’ behalf.

Specialty Drug Education/Awareness
A prescription for a specialty medication often evokes feelings of apprehension and uncertainty among patients.  PrimeRx™ helps alleviate these concerns by providing pharmacists with access to detailed information about their medications.  This information can detail the uses of the medication,  list key ingredients, potential side effects, and include a photo of the medication.

Medication Administration Guidance
Specialty medications are administered in a variety of ways including traditional pill format, via a nebulizer, or through injection.  Learning how to self-administer these  medications can be confusing, especially for older patients.  While most specialty pharmacists will discuss the administration process when the drug is picked up, a printed overview can also be helpful.  

Flexibility/Customization Capabilities
No two patients are alike, nor will patients being treated for the same illness ever have the exact same treatment plan.  Which is why PrimeRx™ can easily accommodate unique features of each patient’s medical history.  This includes the option to add unique notes and patient observations, to customize KPIs, and to choose an “other” option, if a particular list of pre-selected choices does not match a patient’s particular situation. 

PrimeRx™ -- Your Comprehensive Solution for Specialty Pharmacy Efficiency

Specialty pharmacy management demands the highest levels of record keeping, patient care and analysis.  Our PrimeRx™ solution automates these processes, meaning pharmacy staff will have more time for critical patient interactions.

  • Custom Workflow
  • Clinical Assessment Module
  • Customizable Intake Queue
  • Prescription Batch Management Functionality
  • Portals for Sales Reps (through PrimeMD)
  • Dashboards and Data access for Physicians (through PrimeMD)
  • PA Management 
  • Custom Report Writer
  • Shipping Interfaces
  • Ability to collect REMOTE SIGNATURES (when items are shipped – the ability to get signatures for Rx received from the Patient)
  • Tokenization of CC (through PrimePOS)
  • Medication Adherence 
  • Patient Care Quality Metrics
  • Cost Management
  • Specialty Drug Education/Awareness
  • Medication Administration Guidance
  • Flexibility/Customization Capabilities