PrimeWEB™ Pharmacy Web Portal

PrimeWeb™ is Micro Merchant’s work flow optimization tool that connects patients, doctors, health facilities and pharmacies. By making it easier for all parties to communicate, day-to-day business processes are optimized for maximum productivity. There are four core users of PrimeWeb: patients, doctors, nursing homes and pharmacists.
  • Access Patient History
  • Electronic Prescription Order Process
  • Therapy Generating of MARS and POS
  • Users can Look UpPatient Information by name or select groups
  • View Patient History at a Glance
  • Place New Prescriptions or Refills Online
  • Orders placed online appear in Prime Rx Automatically
  • For Security, the user must Authenticate to complete an order
  • Patients can order new prescriptions or refills
  • Patients can check and compare prices side-by-side of their prescriptions
  • PrimeWeb’s™ web interface allows patients to view and print their pharmacy profile
  • Doctors can log in to PrimeWeb™ and view the profile of a particular patient by filtering all their prescriptions
  • Doctors can fill in a new prescription for a particular patient and send it directly to the pharmacy
  • Doctors save time and effort by creating a new prescription from an existing one
  • The Facility can log in and view profiles of patients affiliated with that particular Facility
  • The Facility can order refills for a particular patient.
  • The Facility can check the status of an Rx
  • The Facility can print the Packing list for a particular day
  • Pharmacists can remotely interface PrimeRx ™ with only an internet connection
  • Pharmacies can advertise their specials