PrimeWEB™ (Pharmacy Web Portal)

PrimeWEB™ is Micro Merchant’s workflow optimization tool that provides a vital communication link between patients, doctors, healthcare facilities and pharmacies.  By connecting all parties, day-to-day business processes become more productive and efficient.

PrimeWEB™ Key Features:

PrimeWEB™ brings patients, doctors, nursing homes, ALF and pharmacies closer than ever before.  Log in from any PC, tablet, smart-phone or internet connected device. This secure access Web Portal provides patient data to:

  • Pharmacies
  • Facilities (Nursing Homes/LTC/ALF)
  • Patients
  • Prescribers


  • Secure access to patient history
  • Login access from any PC, tablet, smartphone or internet-connected device
  • Print Medication Administrative Records (MARS) and Physician Order Sheets (POS) directly from the web portal
  • Online submission of new prescriptions and refill orders
  • Online orders automatically populate in PrimeRx™
  • Patient access to full prescription profile and history
  • Enhanced security authentication requirements

  • Patients can order new prescriptions or refills
  • Patients can check and compare prices side-by-side of their prescriptions
  • PrimeWEB’s web interface allows patients to view and print their pharmacy profile
  • Doctors can log in to PrimeWeb™ and view the profile of a particular patient by filtering all their prescriptions
  • Doctors can fill in a new prescription for a particular patient and send it directly to the pharmacy
  • Doctors save time and effort by creating a new prescription from an existing one
  • The Facility can log in and view profiles of patients affiliated with that particular Facility
  • The Facility can order refills for a particular patient.
  • The Facility can check the status of an Rx
  • The Facility can print the packing list for a particular day
  • Pharmacists can remotely interface PrimeRx ™ with only an internet connection
  • Pharmacies can advertise their specials


Why PrimeWEB™?

  • Patient Adherence is facilitated by allowing the patient to access full prescription profile and request refills on one simple screen
  • Refill requests from patients, doctors and facilities are populated instantly in PrimeRx™ refill queue. No emails or faxes needed. Facilitates experience enhanced workflow and control through PrimeRx™
  • Ability to view scanned Rx, pickup signatures on the Web Portal
  • Ability to print Medication Administrative Records (MAR) and Physician Order Sheets (POS) directly from the Web Portal on plain paper
  • The ability for nurses to record and maintain time of administration, to ensure they can generate reports to monitor QA processes at the facility
  • Saves time for the facility and pharmacy by not being on the phone constantly to find out the progress on different workflow related items
  • The pharmacy can control the content on the pages and provide images and specials that they want to promote