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Cedeno's Pharmacy

Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Pharmacist: SNEHAL SHAH

What led to your career as a pharmacist/pharmacy owner? Pharmacy is a branch of healthcare where the main concern is to provide patients with the tools to improve their health with the use of medications that can make a huge difference. Becoming a Pharmacist was an option to take an active role in the health of my community. A passion for helping others lead me to become a Pharmacist and has kept me here. As a pharmacy owner, I am able to offer opportunities to others that are not readily available, not only job opportunities but also assistance programs, educational seminars, and financial help that I am able to secure for my patients to ensure they have all the tools they need to have long and healthy lives.

How is your pharmacy different from competitors? Though many pharmacies boast about their customer service, Cedeno's Pharmacy truly tries to create an individualized and exceptional experience for each and every patient. We set ourselves apart from other pharmacies in the area by hand selecting a staff that can identify and communicate with our patients. With multilingual and caring technicians and pharmacists we can honestly say that we create an experience unlike any other. We are not only here to help with their medications but we also offer a support system we celebrate their successes and mourn their losses, we have become a crucial part of our community. We have served families in our area through several generations and will continue to do so because we have created a safe space where our patients can come to discuss any and all health concerns and can receive counseling, trainings, and recommendations. Our technicians and pharmacists know the majority of our patients from interactions within the pharmacy; they are patient and attentive and create a family atmosphere that has allowed the pharmacy to continue to succeed through the last few decades.

Describe a recent, rewarding experience with a patient Recently we had a patient encounter a very common problem with medications, extremely high co pays. The patient had been sent to another pharmacy by his attending physician in the hopes that they would be able to offer an affordable price; needless to say the other pharmacy was not able to help our patient. When he came to us, our Pharmacist took it upon himself to find coupons online and compare pricing with our suppliers to find the best price. He even went as far as offering an extra pharmacy discount to help the patient better afford the medication. Although this was a direct interaction between the patient and the attending Pharmacist it was a rewarding experience for the pharmacy as a whole because this patient and his family were so grateful for the help that we were able to offer. Being able to help people obtain the medication they need to improve their health is truly what Cedeno's Pharmacy is here for.

What are your biggest challenges as a pharmacy owner/pharmacist? The biggest challenge is having a patient that we cannot help. As a pharmacist our job is to offer solutions when a prescribed medication is not covered or when a patient comes to us seeking help with a condition. My biggest challenge is having to turn a patient away because we cannot offer any solutions.

How has PrimeRx helped your business? PrimeRx has become a crucial part of our everyday business transactions. As our pharmacy management system it has simplified the work for our technicians and pharmacists alike. With all processing and documentation safely guarded within the system it makes it quicker and easier to process and verify claims and prescriptions. The simple interface has also allowed for the quick training of new employees and the various report options has given us a tremendous amount of flexibility by allowing the customization of our reports to better fit our needs.

Please explain how PrimeRx has helped your pharmacy with patient communication. Patients have the option to personalize how they are contacted by the pharmacy and one of the options is email that is done directly through Prime Rx. Many patients of our patients do appreciate this option merely because of the convenience. Honestly here at Cedeno’s Pharmacy our staff prefers to use the communication options to better communicate with physicians. The fax option for billing transmissions as well as refill requests are used consistently in the pharmacy to provide physicians with quick up to date information on patients and their therapies. The communication options through PrimeRx allows us the flexibility of quick and easy contact with physicians, we no longer have to flood phone lines with calls to doctors, communication is at our fingertips and these options reduce the administrative burdens of the physician’s office which creates a win- win scenario for both our pharmacy and doctor.