Vitaly Pharmacist

Quick Success Pharmacy, Brooklyn, NY

“We have been using PrimeRx for over 10 years. The software updates, throughout the years, have been beneficial in simplifying our workflow, patient and provider intake, processing claims, label and dispensing, and managing inventory.

The color coordination feature within the patient Rx history is valuable in letting us know if a refill is due, expired, discontinued, or if a Rx has not been picked up by the patient. This feature is one of the reasons I prefer MMS over other systems. PrimeRx is a total pharmacy dispensing solution.”

Daniel Darfour, (Office Manager) RPh, Pharm D, CHA, MPT, B.S., AAS (PTA)

One Hanson Pharmacy & Wellness Center, Woodbridge, VA

There is no need for any other pharmacy management system. PrimeRx meets our ultimate needs. The software reporting system helped reconcile book in real time to pull data and receipts for accounts receivable paid. The report was downloaded and ready for print within minutes. This quantitative data saved us 4-5 hours. No need for hiring a 3rd party vendor, saving us time and money.

We would also like to add two notes: PrimeRx has a great feature that we use every day, we can adjust the quantity dispensed from the original prescription and send back to the provider for approval.

Plus, with the newly added feature, the pharmacist can authorize the refill request quantity for the patient's convenience.

Daniel Darfour, (Office Manager) RPh, Pharm D, CHA, MPT, B.S., AAS (PTA)

One Hanson Pharmacy & Wellness Center, Woodbridge, VA

The new enhancement to PrimeRx has been very revolutionary. Our practice has seen the measurable impact due to some of these changes.

We used to have an issue with all our liquid prescriptions for which we could not break the dispense quantity to specific # as prescribed because of the way the drug comes. Now we can dispense the entire quantity of the days’ supply that insurance will allow but then flag all of these for the desired days’ supply. This is a 100% change from previous.

The specific benefits are two folds.

1. We can prevent insurance audits by not refilling sooner than desired.
2. Keeps our staff from calling patient’s unnecessarily when they still have significant quantity of the drug in their possession.

Rafik Munarov, Owner

Ocean A & R Pharmacy Inc., Brooklyn, NY

“PrimeRx™ streamlines our pharmacy management workflow, the software contains all the tools required to manage all aspects of the business. A great feature, PrimeRx™ can automatically fill an electronic script, by looking at existing patient, prescriber and drug inventory.”

Olga B., Pharmacist

Ideal Care Pharmacy, Brooklyn, NY

“There are no major issues with the PrimeRx™ system. I rarely call customer support, when I do the experience is good and my issues are resolved. The only complaint with PrimeRx™ is with compounding drugs. When a drug quantity is entered, the system doesn't have enough space to accommodate the zeros. Aside from this, I am very happy with the system.”

Howard Ho Pharmacist

Rx Choice Pharmacy Inc., Brooklyn, NY

“PrimeRx has prioritized our workflow in many ways, the software allows us to process prescriptions and refills, print labels, and view Patient Rx history. We can bill a prescription for Patient (Cash), Third Party (Insurance) or a Charge Account. The patient notes are very helpful, we can add to a patient's profile reminders and comments that must be observed while dispensing medication.

Plus, the drug pick verification feature enables us to verify that the correct drug is being dispensed.

The customer support team is knowledgeable, their phone manners are very friendly, they go the extra mile to resolve any issues we might have with the software.”

Glen Clove Chemists

Jolly, Pharmacist

I’ve been with Micro Merchant Systems for over 11 years. When I need their help, their help is great. Hardly wait for two minutes, and they take care of my problems very quicklythe experience levels vary. Overall Phoebe is very happy with MMS and the services she receives.

Mark, Pharmacist

H2 Pharmacy

“PrimeRx has helped me protect my bottom line. That’s something every pharmacy needs.

Hamilton Pharmacy

Estamos muy contentos con Micro Merchant Systems. Recomendamos PrimeRx a todo el mundo.

Tao, Pharmacist

Hartley Pharmacy

“PrimeRx is the best solution for pharmacies who want a simple effective system. Great for non-technical people.

Yogesh S., Pharmacist

Review from LinkedIn

Best ever software I have used in my pharmacy

Liem D., Pharmacist

 It works.

John Gendy G., Pharmacist

Simple fast and short

Arvind P., Pharmacist

*Capterra Source

I have been using PrimeRx Micro Merchant Systems for all my 3 stores for almost six years now.

Yogesh S., Pharmacist

*G2 Crowd Validated Reviewer

Best software I have used in my pharmacy.

  • Report system where you can view and print all the different kinds of the report like patient profitability, business, pharmacist verification, etc.
  • Track the data about how
  • your pharmacy is performing
  • Track insurance payments
  • Price check is handy
  • Delivery slips are the add-on, which helps you to keep track of the Rx delivered
  • Inventory update feature which shows the exact amount of the drugs in hand
  • Claim processing to report the data to the PMP.

Cary’s Pharmacy

Eric Granick, Pharmacist

Glen Clove Chemists

Jolly, Pharmacist

Mark, Pharmacist

H2 Pharmacy

Hamilton Prescriptions

Javier Garcia Garrido

President - MEDI-DATA CORP